Course articles can be used by peer and faculty advisors to augment their knowledge of specific courses across the curriculum. Navigate to course articles when talking with students about a particular course to provide a glimpse into the course expectations and demands on students. Course analyses also includes sections which expressly address considerations important to course selection such as expected outcomes or take aways. This information combined with the students knowledge of themselves as learners and their interests as well as the advisor’s knowledge and experience can help students make choices not only about individual courses, but about creating an engaging, balanced and sound course schedule.

Encourage students to read multiples course analyses and the course forums to get a rounded view of any course.

Courses vary considerably by instructor and instructors may experiment with the design of their courses from term to term, so course analyses should be taken as a starting point for understanding the inner workings of a course. From reading them, students might generate more specific questions to ask their advisor, Director of Studies or the course head/professor.