Course: WRI 128
Instructor: Srishti Nayak
S 2020

Description of Course Goals and Curriculum

This is a writing seminar course. In Prof. Nayak’s syllabus, she says, “Our course topic will be used throughout as a vehicle for learning, expanding on, and practicing writing skills that apply across disciplines. No matter what level you are starting at, I am confident that your writing, argumentation, and critical thinking skills will improve over the course of the semester. Furthermore, you will start to develop meta-awareness about writing, i.e. the ability to reflect upon your own writing, others’ writing, and the act of writing itself.” So this class, like other writing seminars, doesn’t teach you about adulting. The focus is on making arguments about what it means to be an adult and other adulthood related topics. Your graded assignments include your R1, R2, Research Proposal, R3, and your Deans Date Assignment.

Learning From Classroom Instruction

The course was very discussion based, do the readings, learn the writer’s lexicon, and participate in discussions. She’s going to spend most classes walking everyone through activities to help you understand the writer’s lexicon. Some days you will have in class workshops of your essays and other student’s essays. Professor Nayak is a great teacher and puts so much effort into this course and making sure you learn from this class.

Learning For and From Assignments

Most assignments aren’t graded, however you should still do them because it’s a small class size and she’ll be able to tell if you didn’t. It will factor into your participation grade. Also, the assignments really help you to get things done and make your drafts and revisions a lot stronger.

External Resources

Use the writing center for help with taking your draft to the next level. Writing sem is graded pretty harshly so really use that resource. Also the individual conferences with Prof. Nayak are so helpful. Listen to her comments and ask her questions, she gives really thorough comments and tells you very clearly what you need to fix before you submit your paper.

What Students Should Know About This Course For Purposes Of Course Selection

Most people say that all writing seminars are pointless and the teachers will be brutal with grading. While it is harshly graded, the teachers have a guideline they have to follow to grade the papers, it’s important that you have a good teacher because I really improved as a writer this semester and wouldn’t have been able to meet the grading requirements that teachers have to follow without the commitment and personal investment that Professor Nayak put into making sure we learned and got things out of this class. If you don’t want your writing seminar to be a waste of your time, I highly recommend this class.
Acting Like Adults

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