Course: HIS280
Instructor: Rosina Lozano & Matthew Karp
S 2019

Description of Course Goals and Curriculum

This course is for prospective history majors and really serves to prepare them for independent work, such junior papers and the senior thesis. Over the course of the semester, you explore three different historical events. Students, by the end of the class, will have learned how to interpret and analyze documents and generate questions about change over time.

Learning From Classroom Instruction

This course had two lectures each week and one precept. You will also have three short, five page papers. Each lecture is unique and presented by a different professor in the History department. The professor will be presenting on the particular material you will be reading that week. These lectures are important because they contextualize your own historical interpretations within larger scholarly discussions. In precepts, you spend much of the time discussing the assigned primary documents for that week. This assigned readings are mainly primary documents.

Learning For and From Assignments

As mentioned before, the major of this course are three, short essays. One is due before midterms, another is due after midterms, and the last essay is due on Dean’s Date. The essays evaluate how you analyze change over time by interpreting primary documents you have read and discussed in precept over time. These essays also evaluate how well you incorporate your arguments within the larger body of historical scholarship. The expectations are for students to incorporate both primary documents and arguments presented by professors who lectured throughout the semester in the papers.

External Resources

Make use of the learning consultant early on in the semester and plan with them how you will get your readings done throughout your week considering all your other commitments. Also, use office hours! The professors are great with helping you develop and organize your ideas for your essays.

What Students Should Know About This Course For Purposes Of Course Selection

This course is amazing! If you are considering majoring in History, the course counts towards your pre- requisite and American history departmental. This course is a chance to get to know many professors in the history department and to develop skills, such as tracking change over time and interpreting primary documents, which are essential for historians.
Approaches to American History

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