Course: SPA101
Instructor: Raquel Mattson-Prieto, Jovana Zujevic
F 2019

Description of Course Goals and Curriculum

The course is focused on the basic vocabulary and grammatical structures in Spanish. The goal of the course is to encourage students to work on their reading, writing and speaking skills in the language. The main topics and themes include greetings, introductions, weather conditions, personality traits, food/restaurant, clothing, basic conversational strategies, etc. While learning these topics, students will learn many new words, conjugations and pronunciations. The curriculum is built in a cumulative sense, meaning that students will learn the basics before addressing topics of more complex nature (such as those that are more conversational).

Learning From Classroom Instruction

The course was taught using similar to a flipped-classroom style teaching. Prior to class, students are expected to complete the work in Aprendo and/or other required homework to get a sense to what topics will be taught the following day. The professor will lecture and throughout the lecture, there will be activities (individual and/or group) that students will complete to enforce their learning. Students are expected to complete the work and participate in class through raising their hands and through conversations with other classmates.

Learning For and From Assignments

Work in Aprendo is assigned daily, and students will learn various things, including new vocabulary, grammar, history, conversational strategies, etc. There will be four exams throughout the semester, and each will require students to apply the skills they’ve learned in particular units; they are not cumulative for material but may be for skill set. There were also assignments called “F.A.I.” where students complete a few activities that reflect what they’ve learned in the unit; there were 3 of these throughout the semester. The writing compositions are designed for students to practice their written skills and there will be 2 of these throughout the semester. Additionally, there was 1 oral exam towards the end of the semester where students were expected to apply all that they’ve learned throughout the semester. In all of the assignments, instructors will provide feedback which is very useful. Students should work towards correcting mistakes and learning beyond the classroom setting to improve their skills.

External Resources

Aprendo includes an extra section in each unit where students can do additional practice. The instructors also have office hours where they’re very open to going over any material from class with you and there are also additional tutors outside of class. There are also Spanish Tables, which are held in the dining halls where students can practice their conversational skills.

What Students Should Know About This Course For Purposes Of Course Selection

There isn’t a particular skill set that is needed, as students will learn the language in the class. However, students must be motivated to learn, as a lot of time and effort go into learning a new language. Students can expect to learn basic Spanish, enough to have small talk with others. This class fulfills a part of the language requirement for AB students, and students typically go on to take SPA 102.
Beginner’s Spanish I

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