Course: PSY300
Instructor: Lauren Emberson
F 2016

Description of Course Goals and Curriculum

This course will give students the foundational knowledge and analytic tools that they need for their independent research in Psychology. The first half of the class will address issues pertinent to all areas of psychological research (experimental design, literature review, ethics, statistics and data interpretation) through lectures and handson research projects, and will survey the methods used by different subsets of Psychology through guest lectures. In the second half of the course, students will apply these principles to their own research ideas, realized in small groups. The semester will end with a conference of student projects and a corresponding final paper written in APA journal style. The final grade will be based on a midterm exam (multiple-choice), your final research project, several small homework assignments (graded for completion only) and participation in class and lab. This class meets twice a week for 50 minute lectures, and once a week for a 3 hour lab. This class is required for junior concentrators in Psychology.
Work thoroughly through your QALMRIS, and pay attention to errors in the research that you read!

Learning From Classroom Instruction

In lecture, you will learn about how to conduct psychology research, through explicit instruction and through reading and analyzing Princeton professors' research. In lab you will learn how to create an experiment and analyze data.

Learning For and From Assignments

For the first half of the course, you will read articles from Princeton professors' research, and analyze those articles. These articles give you a good applied understanding of what completed psychological research looks like. For the second half of the course, you will conduct your own research experiment, which gives you the training wheels needed to prepare yourself for your thesis.

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What Students Should Know About This Course For Purposes Of Course Selection

If you are a psych major, you need to take this course. However, it definitely does prepare you well for your independent research, so keep that in mind when you proceed through the course!
Research Methods in Psychology

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    Work thoroughly through your QALMRIS, and pay attention to errors in the research that you read!

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