Course: FRS182
Instructor: Nolan
S 2013

Description of Course Goals and Curriculum

This course is an introduction to education reform.

Learning From Classroom Instruction

Students should engage in the discussion by contributing ideas. Participation is worth a significant portion (60%) of the total grade, which sends a strong message to the students: raise your hand! Sometimes Professor Nolan will go around the room to hear everyone’s opinions. This can make it challenging to bounce a point off of another student, so in such cases do not worry too much about making connections - just speak up.

Learning For and From Assignments

While reading, keep a short list of points to raise during class discussions.  These points may be connections, themes, or ideas that are confusing, ironic, or interesting. Again, participation is a key component to the course, so students are encouraged to prepare well.

External Resources

If unfamiliar topics arise, consider looking up newspaper articles on the controversial issues so that connections can be made with other provided sources.  This will also allow students to provide a unique perspective.

What Students Should Know About This Course For Purposes Of Course Selection

The Dreamkeepers: Education Reform and the Urban Teaching Experience

Add a Strategy or Tip