It’s more important than ever to determine how to learn effectively in your courses. Use Principedia to help you make your course selections and construct a class schedule that is both engaging and manageable for you. Our course analysis pages give you an insider’s look at how specific courses are taught, how you are tested, what’s challenging and interesting about them, and include concrete strategies for how to learn and succeed in the course. We’re currently adding over 70 new course analyses, with more to come! Check to see if your course is already listed.

Don’t see a course analysis for your course, but still want to work on improving your study strategies? No problem! You can meet with a learning consultant to get advice on how to approach ANY course, including tackling the unique demands and challenges of a course you are currently enrolled in. In your appointment, your consultant will help you clarify professor expectations, strategize to get the most from class and readings, and brainstorm ways to study and prepare for exams–or address any other question you have. A consultation is like an in-person Principedia course analysis.

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