Associated course analysesAdvanced General Chemistry: Honors Course S 2019

CHM 301

Associated course analysesOrganic Chemistry I: Biological Emphasis F 2019


Associated course analysesOrganic Chemistry I F 2019Organic Chemistry I: Biological Emphasis F 2019

CHM 406

Associated course analysesAdvanced Physical Chemistry: Chemical Dynamics and Thermodynamics S 2019


Associated course analysesThe Quantum World F 2018

CHM 202

Associated course analysesGeneral Chemistry II S 2018


The concepts introduced in CHM 303 will be extended to the structures and reactions of more complex molecules, with an emphasis on how organic chemistry provides the framework for understanding molecular processes in biology. The fundamental concepts of organic chemistry


At the center of this course is the recognition of Gibbs Free Energy as a fundamental quantity describing physical processes. From this, we will develop concepts of thermodynamics and kinetics, and illustrate them with examples from chemistry. Associated course analysesPhysical


This course is designed as the first part of a three-semester sequence, CHM 303/304B and MOL 345 (biochemistry). CHM 303 will introduce the principles of organic chemistry, including the structures, properties, and reactivity of simpler organic compounds. The emphasis will


CHM 201 (Fall) and CHM 202 (Spring) comprise an overview of Chemistry. This sequence serves as the entry level course for concentrators in Chemistry, and for other sciences requiring General Chemistry as a prerequisite. This sequence is also well suited