ECO 312

Associated course analysesA Math Approach F 2017

ECO 310

Associated course analysesMicroeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach F 2019

ECO 362

Associated course analysesFinancial Investments F 2019

ECO 326

Associated course analysesEconomics of the Internet F 2020


Associated course analysesMacroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach S 2018

ECO 101

Associated course analysesIntroduction to Macroeconomics F 2017-2018

ECO 302

Associated course analyses


Associated course analysesIntroduction to Macroeconomics F 2019Introduction to Macroeconomics F 2016


An introduction to probability and statistical methods for empirical work in economics. Probability, random variables, sampling, descriptive statistics, probability distributions, estimation and hypotheses testing, introduction to the regression model. Associated course analysesStatistics and Data Analysis for Economics S 2017


Modern economic theory is used to analyze growth and fluctuations in U.S. output from colonial times to the present. The course examines the role of labor markets, property rights in land and labor, financial institutions, transportation, innovation and other factors