ELE 364

Associated course analyses

ELE 441

Associated course analysesSolid State Physics F 2019

ELE 396

Associated course analysesIntroduction to Quantum Computing F 2019

ELE 203

Associated course analysesIntroduction to Circuit Analysis and Electronics S 2018


Introduction to the basic theory and techniques of image processing. Topics include: Analog and digital images, image formation, coordinates, image interpolation, Fourier transforms, sampling, spatial filters, edge detection, maximum likelihood estimation, probability models, Weiner filter, image classification and machine learning


Explores ways in which semiconductor devices harness and control electrons and photons to generate, store or transmit information. The basics of semiconductor electronics and photonics are introduced. Discusses diodes, transistors, LEDs, solar-cells, and lasers, which form the foundations of integrated


Introduction to the basic concepts in logic design that form the basis of computation and communication circuits. Logic gates and memeory elements. Timing methodologies. Finite state systems. Programmable logic. Basic computer organization. Associated course analysesContemporary Logic Design F 2015