HIS 383

Associated course analysesThe United States, 1920-1974 F 2018


Associated course analysesApproaches to American History S 2019

HIS 270

Associated course analysesAsian American History F 2019


Associated course analysesThe Crusades S 2020


Associated course analysesSouth African History, 1497 to the Present F 2018

HIS 293

Associated course analysesScience in a Global Perspective S 2018

HIS 361

Associated course analysesThe United States Since 1974 S 2017-2018The United States Since 1974 S 2017-2018


This course covers the history of science and its interactions with broader society and culture from the death of Isaac Newton (1727) to the establishment of the modern science system (circa 1970). We will trace developments in various sciences, with


In lectures, to provide my interpretation (and a conspectus of differing interpretations) of the civilization of Western Europe, 11th-14th century; by the readings, to introduce students to the variety of surviving sources; through the paper, to give students a taste