MAT 215

Associated course analysesHonors Analysis (Single Variable) S 2018

MAT 201

Associated course analysesMultivariable Calculus F 2018

MAT 202

Associated course analysesLinear Algebra with Applications S 2018

MAT 365

Associated course analysesTopology F 2017


This course will be devoted to Galois theory, developing the necessary group theory, including the Sylow theorems, and algebra from scratch. Associated course analysesAlgebra I SU 2017


First semester of calculus. Topics include limits, continuity, the derivative, basic differentiation formulas and applications (curve-sketching, optimization, related rates), definite and indefinite integrals, the fundamental theorem of calculus. Associated course analysesCalculus 1 S 2016


Study of functions of a complex variable, with emphasis on interrelations with other parts of mathematics. Cauchy’s theorems, singularities, contour integration, power series, infinite products. The gamma and zeta functions and the prime number theorem. Elliptic functions, theta functions, Jacobi’s


An applied algebra course that integrates the basics of theory and modern applications for students in MAT, APC, PHY, CBE, COS, ELE. This course is intended for students who have taken a semester of linear algebra and who have an


The theory of functions of one complex variable, covering power series expansions, residues, contour integration, and conformal mapping. Although the theory will be given adequate treatment, the emphasis of this course is the use of complex analysis as a tool


Rigorous introduction to analysis in several variables. Associated course analysesAnalysis in Several Variables S 2014