PHY 104

Associated course analysesGeneral Physics II S 2019


Associated course analysesQuantum Field Theory F 2019


Associated course analyses

PHY 305

Associated course analysesIntroduction to the Quantum Theory F 2018


Associated course analysesAdvanced Physics (Mechanics) F 2018


Associated course analysesAdvanced Electromagnetism S 2018


Associated course analysesQuantum Mechanics S 2018

PHY 205

Associated course analysesClassical Mechanics F 2017


To understand the basic physics needed for further study in science and engineering. Logical, quantitative approach to problem solving. Applying fundamental concepts to idealized, practical problems. Associated course analysesGeneral Physics I F 2018General Physics I F 2016


Classical Mechanics with emphasis on the Lagrangian method. The underlying physics is Newtonian, but with more sophisticated mathematics introduced as needed to understand more complex phenomena. Topics include the formalism of Lagrangian mechanics, central force motion and scattering, rigid body