[fusion_text]30 students came to the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning in Frist for the first ever intersession Wikithon for Principedia. Wikithons (previously referred to as Hackademics) are the premier events for Principedia and take place at key times throughout the year. It’s an opportunity for undergraduates from across the Princeton community and add to the growing library of course analyses available on Principedia.

                                    Two students work together on a course analysis for Intersession Wikithon 2017

Students wrote course analysis articles for many departments on campus including Engineering, Sociology, Korean, Biology, Chemistry and Math. The new additions will be posted soon so be sure to return to the site in a few weeks to utilize them for your courses. In the meantime, Spring semester begins next week, and we have some course analyses matching current Spring course offerings that can be a great asset. You can read some of our Spring course analyses here. [/fusion_text]

30 Students Contribute to Principedia in First-Ever Intersession Wikithon