Aim of the Project

The aim of Principedia–which serves to realize the larger mission of McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning–is to gather, organize, and circulate knowledge about learning in the Princeton context and to create a high-quality resource which is comprehensive yet detailed, accessible, editable and practical. This includes collecting information about expectations and demands of Princeton undergraduate course-work and independent work as well as effective approaches, strategies, techniques and tools for meeting these demands. Undergraduates, but also graduate students, staff, and faculty, can make unique and valuable contributions by reflecting on their own processes of learning and teaching, articulating their knowledge and by engaging in thoughtful discussion and exchange. Principedia is envisioned as a forum for and about learning in which students, peer educators, and instructors share and thus build their knowledge about academic learning at Princeton.

What this site is

  • Principedia is a project of the Princeton community. This means anyone can participate, it will always be free, and always accessible.
  • Principedia is a description of the Princeton academic experience that is as encyclopedic as possible.
  • Principedia provides a forum for students and teachers to exchange observations about teaching and learning in their courses, departments, and in the University as a whole.

What this site isn’t

  • Principedia is not Wikipedia.
  • Principedia is not your academic advisor.
  • Principedia is as non-prescriptive as possible. This point pertains both to article content and community ethics. Articles on Principedia should neutrally and objectively describe as best as possible a particular class, department, type of class, or whatever other subject is at hand; they should avoid evaluative and subjective language as much as possible. Further, the community of Principedia should have no hard and fast rules where they can be avoided.
  • Principedia is not anonymous.

Even though Principedia is hosted by the McGraw Center, these pages are not official publications of the Center, OIT, or Princeton University. The McGraw Center sponsors the site, but does not sanction all content. Principedia is a resource provided for students (undergraduate and graduate), staff and faculty to create, share and learn information about the Princeton academic experience. These resources and discussions are not intended to replace advising, discussions with faculty, etc., but to provide a forum to exchange additional information about Princeton academic demands, opportunities and ways to make the most of them. We hope that the information in these pages is used to make purposeful choices about learning and teaching. As a crowd-sourced wiki, Principedia is not intended to be the single authoritative source of information for students, faculty and staff, but a unique, perpetually evolving resource that captures the experiences and reflections of the campus community.

Our Mission – Learn, Share, Improve