Course: MUS218
Instructor: Iarla O'Lionaird, Daniel Trueman
F 2016

Description of Course Goals and Curriculum

A performance and creative course focusing on the rich and multifaceted relationships between song, melody and text. We will learn and study a diverse range of songs from around the world and in many genres. We will also make new songs, individually and collaboratively. Of interest is how text can inspire melody, how melody can inspire text, and how the meanings and sound of language can function in divergent ways; "macaronic" songs (songs in multiple languages) will be useful in this regard. Finally, we will consider performance style, and the different approaches to accompanying, setting, and arranging songs with various instruments. This course meets once a week for three hours, and involves a final concert of songs composed in class.

Learning From Classroom Instruction

All of the learning happens in class, as you learn about how to write a song with text. You also discuss the lives of certain songwriters.

Learning For and From Assignments

Through the assignments, you will learn how to write songs.

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Take this course! It is super fun and interesting! You won't regret it.
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